The story

Like a rough diamond whose brightness increases over time, Palazzo Confalone stood on an uncertain date, probably between the end of the thirteenth and the beginning of the fourteenth century, beginning a history of lustre and wonder. It was the residence of a noble family originally from Scala. Aniello, called Saggese, was the first member of the Confalone family to move to Ravello, probably in 1384. Thus began a story destined to enter the annals and to enrich life and soul of many illustrious visitors, who left their mark there.

The medieval two-storey palace has become over time one of the most valuable residences of Ravello. Round arches and precious columns of the Greek and Roman civilizations frame the rooms. On the arch of the entrance door a rampant marble lion, coat of arms of the Confalone family, welcomes visitors in all its glory, symbol of a timeless past.

Historical and artistic contaminations blend harmoniously into the ancient palace in a refined style, which materializes in the barrel vaults of the rooms, in the frescoes and stuccoes that adorn it. The medieval architectural elements combine with those of later artistic currents.

The aristocratic residence becomes a hotel, laboratory of art and thought. Richard Wagner was among the illustrious guests of the palace, and he was struck by the beauty of the gardens of Villa Rufolo.

Scopri Palazzo Confalone