Palazzo Confalone Learn more 13th century Palace with panoramic terraces Your magic event Discover more in a breathtaking views location ...the look arrives until the end of the Amalfi Coast... Villa Confalone Discover the rooms 20 meters from Palazzo Confalone an interlacement of Moorish arches
between precious marble columns.
The ancient staircase from the atrium
invites to the upper rooms...
Art and Story For an endless enchantment ...the blue of the sky
and the green of the gardens
of the Amalfi Coast
in an endless triumph
...polychrome ceramics decorate
the atrium, in its nature
of historical court
remained intact...

Stay at Palazzo Confalone

Villa Confalone, the modern refuge immersed in history

A jewel set in a corner of Paradise just 20 meters from Palazzo Confalone

The Rooms of Villa Confalone

Breathe the history of the city, immerse yourself in the splendour of Ravello

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